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          Phosphorous acid

          Phosphorous acid executive standard: HG/T2520-93


          Index (%)


          Top grade(solid)

          Top grade(liquid)

          main content (in H3PO3)



          chloride (in CL)



          iron (in Fe)



          phosphate (in PO4)



          sulfate (in SO4)



          Molecular formula: H3PO3
          Molecular weight: 81.99
          English name: Phosphorous acid
          Appearance: white crystal
          Property: It is corrosive. And harmful product of combustion is phosphorane and phosphorus oxide; harmful on skin and environment; having pollution on water
          Uses: Raw material in manufacturing of phosphate and plastic stabilizer; as reducing agent in chemical reaction; applied in synthetic fiber and pesticide industry
          Packing and storage: Inner packing adopts double layer vinyon film bag; outer packing adopts full open iron drum or fiberboard drum in seal

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